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These prices are effective from 1 June 2012.

For more details see pricing FAQ's

Fully inclusive monthly website packages packages: Design, build, maintain, revise, extended technical support. Depending on requirements,minimum £15.00 per month for a simple "brochureware" website.

Simple basic e-mail and domain package

£52.00 per year. Extra domains £26 per year.

Enhanced E-Mail

£5.60 per month (Monthly Payments only) Includes IMAP mail hosting, extra memory, e-mail control panel and annual PC checkup

Small print for Annual PC Checkup:

  • One PC in LS postcodes.
  • Alternatively you can have 3 free units of support time
  • Available after 9 months payments have been made.
  • Limited to 1 hour 30 minutes of time:
  • further time payable as support.
  • We will provide listed recommendations and suggestions for improving performance and security
  • Any Follow up visits/calls etc are payable as support time.

Support Work & Tuition

£20 per hour (payable in 15 minute units min 15 minutes)

Important Note Support for e-mail issues regarding setup and maintenance is normally free.

New PC package

£140 includes

  • Detailed assessments of your needs, Checking if your existing equipment will work with your proposed new model
  • Suggested models and suppliers.
  • Help with online ordering if appropriate
  • Visit to set up and transfer data from your old PC and install your equipment
  • Demonstration of new features
  • Subsequent follow up to deal with any queries that may crop up.
  • Free unlimited telephone support for 1 month from installation.

Tip of The Day

There are many ways to achieve the same result in programs. Just because someone says "Don't do it that way!" don't just accept they are right (or wrong) ask them for more explanations.