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Spaghetti serverese

 All of my clients are charming and intelligent, and most of them are happy to let me deal with technical matters on their behalf: hence "Comfy Computing."

Some clients, however like to make use of the technical services I provide such as web hosting, self administered e-mail, control panel access, mailing lists and so forth.Additionally some design their own websites, or use content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress,or Concrete5 for example.

 I have set up a mailing list for such people and their staff and technical advisers to keep them informed of any technical changes which may affect them. It's not an attempt to advertise, merely a way of keeping clients and associates advised of changes and improvements in facilities.

To conform with best practices, this is an opt-in list. Once you have asked to be added to the list by clicking on the link below, you will get an e-mail asking you to verify the request, and you will then be signed up. If you are unclear about whether you should sign up just give me a ring or send an e-mail. You have my assurance that

  • Membership data will not be disclosed to anyone.
  • Mailings will be only very occasional (at this juncture I would guess less than once a month)
  • The mailings will be devoid of frills and gimmicks and technical accoutrements

When you follow the link below you will have an option to go for HTML or plain Text e-mails. I recommend the former but it's up to you.

Here is the link to subscribe.

Thanks for your attention.

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