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Once your website is up and running, you need to know how many visitors it is getting, and how the visitors get there, where they are based, how long they stay, and what are the most popular parts of your website.

This information is available to you without needing to put things like web counters on. This is because my server generates a detailed logfile, which incorporates many such details. It's in a form which can be read by a program called AWStats, which in my opinion tells you much of what you want to know.

The features listed below are just a selection of what you can find.
* Number of visits, and number of unique visitors,
* Visits duration and last visits,
* Authenticated users, and last authenticated visits,
* Days of week and rush hours (pages, hits, KB for each hour and day of week),
* Domains/countries of hosts visitors (pages, hits, KB, 269 domains/countries detected, GeoIp detection),
* Hosts list, last visits and unresolved IP addresses list,
* Most viewed, entry and exit pages,
* Files type,
* OS used (pages, hits, KB for each OS, 35 OS detected),
* Browsers used (pages, hits, KB for each browser, each version (Web, Wap, Media browsers: 97 browsers, more than 450 if using library file),
* Visits of robots (319 robots detected),
* Worms attacks (5 worm's families),
* Search engines, keyphrases and keywords used to find your site (The 115 most famous search engines are detected like yahoo, google, altavista, etc...),
* HTTP errors (Page Not Found with last referrer, ...),
* Other personalized reports based on url, url parameters, referer field for miscellanous/marketing purpose,
* Number of times your site is "added to favourites bookmarks".
* Ratio of Browsers with support of: Java, Flash, RealG2 reader, Quicktime reader, WMA reader, PDF reader (need to add some HTML tags in index page).

The best way is to haave alook at an example of the program's output.
This is supplied by the program's author. Click on the link below and you will see a genuine application:

(The ads on the output will not appear on your own site)

If you are interested have a word with me and I will send details regarding your own website.