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My suppliers are making a system wide upgrade of PHP. If this means nothing to you you can disregard the rest of this article.


 PHP 5.2 reached end of life on 2010-12-16, hasn't been updated since 2011-01-06, and is no longer supported by the PHP developers.

While PHP 5.2 is currently the default on the server your account is hosted on, we are now rolling out PHP 5.3 across our servers.


This will ensure that security updates for PHP itself are available, and also that the latest scripts and software (some of which require a minimum of PHP 5.3) will work from the outset on our hosting platform.


However, it is possible you may be using outdated scripts or software on your account that are not PHP 5.3 compatible.  If this is the case, when the update to PHP 5.3 is applied, your software may cease to function.


*** As a result, you should now review the software you have on your account and check it for PHP 5.3 compatibility. ***

*** Failure to run PHP 5.3 compatible code may result in your website being unavailable. ***


We stress again - the update to PHP 5.3 is required for security, and future compatibility, reasons and is as a result unavoidable.  Continuing to run on PHP 5.2 indefinitely could conceivably mean that if a security issue were found in PHP 5.2 that no solution would be available.


If the software you are running is not PHP 5.3 compatible, this may indicate that it has not been kept up to date with the latest releases from the developers.


Out of date software is the number one cause of defaced/hacked websites that we see.  As such, if the software you're using isn't PHP 5.3 compatible, this may be an indication that your software is in need of a security update from the developers in any case.


The move to PHP 5.3 for this server will be carried out on the afternoon of:


2012-11-07 (Wednesday 7th of November 2012).


Included below are answers to some queries you may have regarding the move to PHP 5.3:


-Do you really need to update to PHP 5.3?


Yes, we do.  Continuing to run on a version of PHP 5.2 that was end-of-life'd nearly 2 years ago would not be a responsible course of action, primarily for security reasons.


-How can I check what version of software I'm using?


If you used the 'Softaculous' icon to install the software on your account, you can use that to see what version is currently installed.


Or, the 'Import' option in 'Softaculous' can be used to import an existing software installation (the version will then be displayed in 'Softaculous'.


-How do I know if my software is PHP 5.3 compatible?


Having found the version number of the software you're using, the best way to find out is to check the website or support site of the developers of that software.  The websites of some popular software are:


WordPress – Joomla! – Drupal – phpBB – SMF –

Gallery – Coppermine –

Zen Cart – Moodle –


-What software is already known to be PHP 5.3 compatible?


The following popular software packages are known to be PHP 5.3 compatible when updated to the latest version:


- WordPress

- Joomla! 1.5 (version 1.5.15+)

- Joomla! 2.5

- Joomla  3.0

- Drupal 6+

- phpBB3


- Gallery

- Coppermine

- phpList

- Zen Cart (version 1.3.9+)

- Moodle


-How can I update my software?


The 'Softaculous' icon can be used to apply updates to your software in a couple of clicks.


However, we strongly advise you to take a 'Full Backup' via the 'Backups' icon on your control panel before doing so, so that any changes can be rolled back should the upgrade process not go smoothly.


-Is there anything else I should do?


Bear in mind that if you have installed any third party modules, components, or extensions to the software you're using that these too also need to be checked for PHP 5.3 compatibility (and updated if necessary). 


Again, the developers of those programs will be able to advise you of PHP 5.3 compatibility and the specific upgrade process ('Softaculous' will not upgrade third party modules, components and extensions).


-Can I have more time to update my software?


Under certain circumstances, we may be able to switch your account back to PHP 5.2 for a short while after the main upgrade to PHP 5.3 has been completed.  However, this is intended only for software where no PHP 5.3 compatibility or upgrade route exists (i.e. legacy or custom/homebrew software) and cannot be maintained on an indefinite basis (for security reasons).