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ACL : Access Control Levels, basically explains who can do what.

In Joomla, this can get incredibly complicated, and it may be that this complexity is needed for very large sites.

However, by default, the following table illustrates who can do what in a basic setup. For small sites this may still be too complicated.

You have to decide before commissioning a site, as a minimum,

1.Who is to be SuperAdministrator(s)?

I normally create a SuperAdministrator for Comfy Computing Ltd, and whilst no other is needed, I recommend, for security reasons, that at least one other person be appointed.

2. Do you want a members only section?

There are may reasons why you would want this, such as

  • Security Issues :eg members have access to a directory/phone book
  • E-Commerce sites : members get special offers
  • many others

3. Are you happy that all designated users can alter anything on the site?

Obviously once someone becomes a designated user you must have some degree of confidence in them. You may want certain users to have different privileges on different areas of the site. Easily set up but adds a frequently uneccessary layer of complexity. Your decision.


Below is a table of the defaults in who can do what:

The users here are
U= Unregistered Basically anyone visiting the site
Reg= Registered members (If membership is set up)
Au= Author
Ed =Editor
Pub= Publisher
Mgr = Manager
Admin= Administrator
SuperAd=SuperAdministrator (At least one required for every site)

  Front-end GroupsBack-end Groups
see "public" content Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
see "registered" content - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
see "special" content - - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create new content - - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edit own content - - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edit all content - - - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Publish new content - - - - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access the Administrator page - - - - - Yes Yes Yes
Create new users - - - - - - Yes Yes
Install extensions - - - - - - Yes Yes
Change the template - - - - - - - Yes
Change site settings - - - - - - - Yes

This just skims the surface of a very complex issue. You can read more on subsequent pages.