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Using the TinyMCE editor.

The TinyMCE editor is the default editor that is displayed in article manager and it is worth studying in depth. You must take care however as the editor is not designed just for Joomla and there are some options you should not use.

Here is a screen shot of the top of the editor,
which provides many standard editing commands, as follows:

    Top Row.
        Buttons in the upper left allow you to make teTinyMCE bold, italic, underlined, or strikethrough. NeTinyMCE to that are buttons for align left, right, center, and full.
        Styles. Caption and System Pagebreak styles can be set. Highlight the desired text and select the style. This will allow this text to be formatted based on the manner specified in the template you are using.
        Format. Select pre-defined formats for Paragraph, Address, Heading1, and so on.

    Second Row.
        Unordered List, Ordered list, Outdent (move left) and Indent (indent right).
        Undo (Ctrl+Z) and Re-do (Ctrl+Y).
        Insert/Edit Link. To insert or edit a link, select the linked teTinyMCE and press this button. A popup dialog displays that lets you enter details about the link.
        Unlink. To remove a link, highlight the linked teTinyMCE and press this button.
        Insert/Edit Anchor. An anchor is a bookmark inside an article that lets you link directly to that point in the article. To insert an anchor, move the cursor to the desired location within the article and click this button. A window will display. Enter the name of the Anchor and press Insert. A small anchor icon will show in the location of the anchor. You can edit the name of the anchor by clicking on it and pressing this button. You can delete the anchor just by selecting it and pressing the Delete key.
        Insert/Edit Image. I recommend NOT using this.

        Cleanup Messy Code. I recommend NOT using this
        About TinyMCE editor. Shows the TinyMCE version.
        Edit HTML Source. A popup displays showing the HTML source code, allowing you to edit the HTML source code.

    Third Row.
        Insert Horizontal Ruler.
        Remove Formatting.
        Toggle Guidelines/Invisible elements.
        Subscript, Superscript, Insert Custom Character