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This article is currently under review, as the topic of menus in Joomla is exceptionally important,and the help documentation built into Joomla is very sketchy.

Menus and templates.

The basic look of menus on your website is determined by the template you are using. You can't do much to alter this except by using a new template. Whilst we can create templates for you, we do not support third-party templates.


The first situation I cover is to add an uncategorised article to a menu. This illustrates a number of basic points so I hope you find it helpful

First create your article in article manager and save it, exceptionally in this instance do not allocate a category. If you look on your website you will see that there is no reference to the article in the menus (although there may be some references in boxes such as "most recent articles"

So you have to add it to one or more menus. For this illustration I am using screenshots from the comfycomputing Ltd website, and adding the article to the main menu. This is the menu on the left hand side, if you are not sure which is which, the easiest way is to temporarily unpublish each menu listed in the menu manager list and see what disappears. Don't forget to republish it.

Now, on your main control panel select the main heading menus, on the drop-down list, you should see a fly out marked add new menu item. Click on this. You should get a screen headed menu manager: new menu item.

On the left-hand side the first item asks for the menu item type click on select and the screen will go dark and display a box which you should select. Here is a screenshot:









and here is an enlargement of the highlighted area which is by far the most frequently used item




The Articles heading contains the following options:

  1. archived articles
  2. single article
  3. list all categories
  4. category blog
  5. category list
  6. featured articles
  7. create articles

In this initial scenario all you need do is select single article, you should then see on the right hand side of the Menu Manager new menu item screen an item headed required settings. Click select change and you will bring up a list of on the article to display. You then need to choose a title which will appear in the menu itself, if you give it a long title will take up a lot of space on the menu so you should use something short and clear.

Save the entry, then preview the results from view site, if all is well your new article will be diplayed on the menu of your choice.

The second scenario I should like to cover is changing the way articles are displayed after clicking in a menu. As you may be aware there are two basic ways of displaying articles: as a list of articles, or as a blog, in the case of Joomla this means rather like a newspaper.

If you have a category with only one or two articles in it you will probably have set the menu, or it will have been set for you, to display a blog layout.
However when you add more articles this becomes increasingly difficult to read and very long, so it would be more prudent to have an article list format.

This is simple to achieve: go to the menu manager for the relevant menu, then choose the menu item you want to alter in the relevant menu item manager. In this case we are changing from blog layout to category list layout, so amend the menu type to category blog and select the appropriate category. That's really all there is to it basically. There are plenty of options available to amend the way the category list appears, the easiest way is to try it and see.

Changing from Category to blog view is just the same, only backwards, if you see what I mean!

Tip of The Day

If installing a new program: especially free ones from the internet, don't just click through every installation screen unread. They often ask you to agree to install "helper" programs. These are usually useless.