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Incidentally, many people think that the ubiquitous Word program comes with a new computer. It doesn't, although most PC's running windows 7 offer a trial, pay a lot later. Ask me about alternatives some day.

Many people are quite familiar with "Word" so it's obviously worth consideing writing your article for your Joomla website using Word. If you are familiar with "Word" and especially things like spelling checking, cutting and pasting and so on please exercise great care. Or don't do it.

Ignore the technical explanation at the end of this document to find out exactly why it's a bad idea if you wish, but at least be aware of potential problems.

Tip of The Day

Just because an E-mail says "Win Tesco Vouchers" don't expect it to come from Tesco: it probably doesn't. At best you will probably get many unwanted e-mails, at worst you may acquire a Trojan.