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Overview of editing documents in Joomla

This document does not aim to be comprehensive, it would be very long if that were the case.

If you just wish to make minor changes to an existing article's text
Use the front end editor.

In all other circumstances use the administration interface:go to (or com etc)/administrator to get to the login page.

Choose create article, from the content menu, and crucially, decide which category or subcategory the article applies to.

At this stage it might be a good idea not to concentrate on the content or pictures of the article, but instead just type a few words of text, such as article about widgets will appear here... and then save the article in its unfinished form and preview the effect that this has had on the layout of your website.

If you highlight the feature button the article will appear on your front page, otherwise it will appear with other articles in the same category.

Add the text of the article. If it is a long article, you may wish to add a " read more" tag to stop your pages becoming inordinately long. You can only use one read more tag per article, but you could use page breaks to logically arrange the article if you use page breaks you will have the option of automatically creating an internal table of contents for the article

Don't forget to keep saving the article, and please also bear in mind, if you like the cut and paste approach, you should never do so from "Word"

You will now need to add pictures.

Assuming that the pictures are currently on your computer, you will need to resize pictures to fit in the available width of the article. How you do this depends entirely on the picture editing program you have on your computer. I suggest you first make a copy of the picture and rename the copy something that makes sense to you in two years time.

Have a look at your article in the website and assess the size available. Joomla will quite easily display an article that is too wide but the layout of the website will be wrong. Provided you can get enough detail in a picture that is about 300 pixels wide, I suggest you try that.

Now go back to the article manager and ensure your cursor is placed at the point you wish to show the picture. Then click on the image button underneath the article text and click on the browse button, navigate to the picture on your computer and then click on the start upload box. This will then add your picture to the existing picture library, choose the alignment, the title and the image description then click insert. The picture should appear in the correct place and size in your article then click save, which I regularly forget to do.

You should at this stage have a finished article displaying properly on your website.

Don't forget that even though you have created the article and pictures it will not automatically appear if you have not allocated a category.