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On 26 May 2012, the Office of the Information Commissioner (ICO) has stated that they will begin enforcing the requirements of EEC binding legislation about cookies. Anyone who has a website will have to decide what to do:

The link to the ICO document- a 27 page PDF - is here

I am not a lawyer, so my take on the position at the moment is to interpret the guidance as stating, as far as it can, that these particular regulations need to be borne in mind but will be enforced in a proportionate and (can this be a legal concept?) with commonsense.


If you are a full client of Comfy Computing Ltd you will receive a personal e-mail before the 26th May 2012 setting out the position with regard to your website and this legislation. Some clients have more than one website and will accordingly get more than one e-mail.

If you design a website yourself check the document above if you use cookies.

If you employ a web designer, I recommend you contact them and ask for details of any cookies employed on your site.

I hope this helps.

Please bear in mind there are lots of other "compliance" issues you need to bear in mind. Privacy Policy Statements, DDA requirements and many more.