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Clients occasionally receive a mysterious message called something like "undeliverable mail" relating to mail that they have not sent.

This is not the same as receiving actual spam, which is dealt with elsewhere on the website.

Unless this is happening on a very regular basis (say 20 messages per day) there is no great cause for concern. What has happened is simply that a spammer has "harvested" your e-mail address (or a variant) and is using the address to hide the real origin. You may however want to learn more about the situation, so I have posted this article in response to requests from clients.

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This is a guide as to how to set up Outlook (Not Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail) for IMAP. Once you have tested these settings, don't forget to delete the old mail account from your computer. YOU SHOULD NOT MIX IMAP and POP3 on any e-mail account. Make sure you know exactly which edition of Outlook you are using.

Using the correct server name and port numbers is.  Contact support if you're having trouble. 


How do I configure my iPhone or iPad to access e-mail mailboxes on my cPanel hosting account?

Please note modern iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices should automatically configure IMAP email for you with just your email address and password.

Failing that you can log into your cPanel (i.e. ) and click Email Accounts then Connect Devices 

Contact support if you don't know your cPanel login or for more help setting up devices. 




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Autoresponders are small programs you can activate to send a message aato the sender as soon as the message is received. Typically they may say "I am away until Wednesday" or suchlike.

The Autoresponder facility is not available to all clients. Contact us for details, read more for further instructions.

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This shows a fictitious example.  We strongly suggest you print out these details, obviously substitute your own details.

This is an example for a domain   

and e-mail address

The email box is pop3

E mail Setup details:
Server settings (the same for all e-mail accounts)
Incoming Server (pop3)
Outgoing Server (SMTP)   (note 2)
(Requires authentication with same details as pop3 login but do not specify SPA authentication.)

Account for e-mail address

Username aka Account Name
Mailbox Password    qwert09876dfdf

Webmail Access
enter normal e-mail address ( and mailbox password

As an alternative you can use your own ISP’s outgoing server details, which will probably not require any authentication procedures)